Earn up to $50 more per return

Help protect your tax clients from ID theft

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How iPROTECT can grow your business


Earn commissions

For every client, you enroll in iProtect, receive up to $50 in a commission based on your customized selling price.


Seamless client enrollment

Client enrollment, user agreement and invoicing are integrated into uTax Software for your convenience.


Performance tracking

Sales history and commission tracking allowing
you full visibility into your revenue performance.


Increase renewal rates

Increase client loyalty by providing a comprehensive financial protection service beyond tax preparation.


Real Clients. Real Results

It's time to take action

As millions of individuals become victims of identity theft each year, the need for optimized protection services increases. Through the iPROTECT affiliate program, your tax customers are able to better protect what matters most; namely their livelihood and ability to support their loved ones. With continuous monitoring, instant alert notifications, and 24/7 control, users can rest easy knowing they’re receiving complete protection from iPROTECT.